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If you have a website or blog, then you can use our visits counter. Fill out the online visitor counter registration form and you will receive an html code that must be placed on your blog or site. The picture counter will display the number of visitors who are currently on your blog or website (i.e. online)

The counter considers only real visitors to your site and does not take into account hits of search robots. Thank you for using our online visitor counter
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Now! Title counter. You can indicate any inscription at your discretion, which will be displayed at the very top of the attendance counter
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When choosing a type counter Title enter your inscription in this field, which will be visible at the top of the counter (no more than 15 characters)
The counter shows the number online at the current moment, as well as the record of visitors online for the entire period and date when this happened

Enter the control number (online quantity digit)

Enter the desired password (at least 4 characters)
You can easily change the type of counter in the future, you just need to change the style parameter located in the html code of the attendance counter, assigning the value style = 0,1,2,3,4 or 5
Attention! It is forbidden to change the html code of the counter in any way except for the style, title or alt parameters
Extended resource statistics. Enter the address of your site and the password that you entered when registering the visitors counter and click on the statistics button. Thus, you will know the total number of visitors to the site, the number of unique visitors for today and the record of visits online, the date when this event was recorded is also shown
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Further, it is possible to change the title of the counter
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Here we will help you remember the counter code if you suddenly lost
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